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  Dynamical x-ray diffraction from strained crystals, multilayers
  and superlattices at usual and grazing angles

Template: grazing incidence (surface) diffraction from perfect crystals.

X-rays specified by:   Value= Line= Help     Polarization= 

Crystal: Help       Sigma=A    W0=    Wh=

Bragg Reflection:       Substrate da/a=

Geometry specified by: Help
-- Geometry parameter ([1,7]=incidence angle, [2,8]=exit angle, [6]=Bragg planes angle, [9]=g0/gh):  
-- Surface plane ([1-5]):     Miscut direction:     Miscut angle:  

Scan axis: Help   Indices, if other scan axis:         Invert scan axis

Scan limits:  from   to     Scan points=  Plot argument= 

Approximations:  alpha_max= *|xh|  Help

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Top layer profile (optional):
t=  sigma=  da/a=  code=  x=  code2=  x2=  code3=    x3=  code4=  x0=  xh=  xhdf=  w0=  wh=
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