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 X-ray diffuse scattering from multilayers with rough interfaces at grazing

Template: qx-sections of reciprocal space

X-rays specified by:   Value= Line= Help      Polarization=

Substrate: Database code: Help    
  Chemical formula:     rho= g/cm^3  
  Susceptibility x0 = (   )  / format: x0=(Re(x0), Im(x0)); note: x0=2*delta /
    x0 correction: w0 =     / this is used as: x0 = w0 * x0 /
    Roughness: sigma = Angstrom     / this is rms roughness height /

Type of scan:      Units for Q,2Q:    Units for qx,qz:   
       Scan limits:   from   to   points= 
    Offset limits:   from   to   points= 
Compute at specular rod:     scattering     reflection

Accelerators:    Use K instead of exp(K)-1    Use semi-Born approxim.: neglect scatt.from reflected waves

Roughness:   lateral correlation length= A   jaggedness=
vertical correlation length=   angle of skew transfer= 
Models:  Uncorrelated roughness  
Completely correlated roughness    
Ming's model  
Lagally's model lateral size of vertically correlated roughness=A
Holy's model  
Spiller's model (*very slow!*)  
Classic Pukite's model (steps)  
Data for all steps models:
miscut angle=
Add affine roughness
Smoothed Pukite's model (steps) effect.rms height of steps=
Pershan's model (steps) terraces size spread=

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Top layer profile (optional):
    t=   sigma=   tr=   code=   rho=   x=   code2=   x2=   code3=   x3=   code4=   x0=   w0=
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Do not use links or unusual words in surface layer profile!
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