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Bragg planes range:  

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Bragg angle range:  
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Intensity control:  
    Minimum |xh/x0| (%):    
    Database option for dispersion corrections df1, df2: 
   Auto (Henke at low energy, X0h at mid, Brennan-Cowan at high).
   Use X0h data (5-25 keV or 0.5-2.5 A) -- recommended for Bragg diffraction.
   Use Henke data (0.01-30 keV or 0.4-1200 A) -- recommended for soft x-rays.
   Use Brennan-Cowan data (0.03-700 keV or 0.02-400 A)

Find only those Bragg planes which make certain angles to the surface:  
    Surface plane indices:    
   Planes make angles from Theta1 to Theta2
   Planes make angles from Theta1 to (Bragg_Angle - Theta2)
   Planes make angles from (Bragg_Angle - Theta1) to (Bragg_Angle - Theta2)

    Theta1:       Theta2:  

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